Loft for vCluster with Crossplane

I’ve covered vCluster with Crossplane in a few previous posts. In this post, I’m taking a quick tour of the commercial vCluster offering called Loft, combined with Crossplane. This combination of Loft and Crossplane results in what I describe in this post , without the need to go through a lot of contortions.  Loft brings many of the features I’ve covered on vCluster (e.g. SSO, ingress config, etc.), as well as app integration and more under a single pane of glass.

I was planning to show a complete self-service workflow of Crossplane being provisioned with truly tenanted K8s. Loft provides ‘Project’ level secrets that address the tenanting of Crossplane Provider credentials. In Loft, a Project is essentially a tenant level. Loft also provides SSO with Argo CD and integration of provisioned vClusters with Argo CD. Basically, you add Loft to Crossplane and you have a true turnkey multi-tenant, self-service, pipeline capable Crossplane platform.

As I said, I was planning to show that. Unfortunately, Loft doesn’t want to provide me with the license key to enable the SSO pieces between IDP and Argo CD to show it.

So, I won’t show it, because I can’t. But, if you’re looking to use Crossplane on-prem or in your own VPC, want SSO, Argo CD integration, self-service, auditing, resource quotas, etc., checkout Loft. I’m guessing they’d be happy to float a POC license for you (

Looking at the commercial offerings of Crossplane and vCluster (Upbound and Loft respectively), I believe there is more value in Loft than Upbound with the combination of the two OSS projects.