Crossplane ProviderConfig and Argo CD

From two recent slack threads, I was reminded I’ve set some things between Argo CD and Crossplane, that I haven’t posted here.

This setting is required whether you use Argo CD or not. But it came up on a question about why the Argo CD custom health check wasn’t working. When creating a ProviderConfig for provider-kubernetes or provider-helm in a Composition, you must add base.readinessChecks[0].type: None (And because wordpress destroys all of my yaml formatting, see example of it here. at lines 291-292):

The other recent issue that came up was how Argo CD complains that a Crossplane ProviderConfig CRD doesn’t exist before the Provider is fully initialized. The way around that is with a simple annotation.

For that annotation, see line #7 of this ProviderConfig:

Hopefully this single post’s title shows up in searches for both issues.